Aug 8, 2010

New Find: Cacao

When i went to MOA to meet my client for the Pearl jewelry, i decided to look for the candy stall somewhere in MOA. I missed eating chocolate coated raisin candy, i just dont remember the name because it was my officemate who always bought it in Market Market. And when im near the SM cinema, i saw this Cacao stall selling sweets.

This cacao stall is selling chocolates, pralines, belgian chocolates etc.

And i found what i want!

Pralines and belgian chocolates...

I bought a 100 grams of chocolate coated raisin and priced at P86.00 (because it was more than a hundred grams)..

Its like the one that my officemate bought in Market Market, its just that its not from Cacao stall.. But im now loving Cacao goods. Definitely will be back there soon :)

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