Aug 1, 2010

HK Trip: Shopping at Hongkong Grand Sale 2010

My main reason  that i chose July as the date to go to Hongkong is because of the Grand Sale. HK Grand Sale happens during July to September and i want to experience their celebration. As we go by in each outlet and shop, we saw a red tag sign saying "SALE". As much as we want to go in each shop, we waited until our last day to go to Harbour City, one of the biggest mall in HK offering branded and high-end goods.

Citygate Outlet is one of those mall that you can buy cheap goods because as the name implies, its all outlet store. Upon going back from Lantau island, we dropped by at Citygate outlet mall because hubbys cousin requested for a Nike gym bag, hubby also look for shoes but he never liked the designs there. Instead, we bought this Nike travelling bag and the Red Nike gym bag that his cousin requested. Compare to Manila, the cost is really cheap.

Nike bag

Of course, we had to buy something from Disneyland, im not a fan of Disneyland thats why i did not bought something for myself. I let Tami and hubby choose what they want. And this is what they've got.

Aside from the Disney Sunglasses that Tami bought and lost also inside the park, she also get this Minnie stuff toy, Hubby chose the Disneyland jacket and the magnetic picture frame, he knows that im collecting magnet from the place i've been to.

On our last day, since our flight is at 8pm, we went to Harbour city the whole day to shop. Before leaving the hotel, we planned of separating in the mall so we can look for what we want. While walking going to Harbour city mall, Hubby and i talked about buying shoes for ourselves, perfume etc...

What we got first is perfumes. Hubby got CK be because its unisex, so we can share the same and he also got the Davidoff. We got each at 30% off.

Hubby bought Nike shoes at Nike Store, its not as cheap as compare to Citygate outlet because in Kowloon and in Nike store there, the designs are all new that's why we got it at 10% discount only. His shoes cost HK$ 549. Should i considered it a best buy? I dont think so. 

Across the Nike store is the high-end brands that has its own building like LV, Gucci, Chanel, Prada.. name it and its there...

Those high-end brands are not sale. We bought this Gucci bag because its cheaper of more than 5k from manila. We even asked the attendant about the rate of the price if we pay it in US dollar, HK dollar or credit card and pay it here in peso. After computing the price, we ended up paying in US dollar because its less cheaper. Price is US $1,150.

After buying the Gucci bag, we cross the road to H&M store.

While inside, hubby waited outside because he want to smoke. Tami found something for herself. The sanrio tumbler and this mini cute bag with the dog design.

Sanrio tumbler at HK $29, i allowed my daughter to buy this because she can use it in school and the bag is 50% off, we got it at HK $50 only. When we left the hotel going to airport, tami knows how to wear her handbag and what's inside the bag is the PSP only. She just want to use her new bag.

While inside the Harbour city mall and drooling for some branded goods, i saw this cute flats from Sta. Barbara Polo Racquet Club (RL) at 50% off. 

My new flats, Would you believe that i got it for only HK $999? And i think its really for me because its the only big size left... Best buy dba?

After we bought something for ourselves, we look for pasalubong to relatives, colleagues etc. Sometimes its so hard to choose of what you're going to give because you dont know what they want and if they will appreciate what you give.

We bought this Starbucks tumbler because aside from the magnets that im collecting, we decided to add this as our new collection. Collecting display for our soon new house? haha...

I thought of this purses as my pasalubong to my colleagues in the office but when it fits the jewelry that we're selling, we decided to use it as jewelry pouch. I still give purse to those who want it, afterall 2 dozens will not be consumed in less than 2 to 3 months. Price of this is HK$50 per dozen.

For the oldies (relatives, tami's teacher, hubby's sup hehe) we bought this metal thing with Hongkong design, its double purpose, for display or you can use it as personal ashtray.. HK $59 each.

This chinese delicacies will not escape my shopping list. I personally went at Aji Ichiban to buy these goods: Chan Mui Pui or what i called champoy. Some did not like it but i love this candy. Aji ichiban is one of the famous store for sweets and delicacies. You just need to grab a plastic, get how many you want and put it in the weighing scale to get the grams and pay the corresponding price.

Flavored caramel candy also in Aji Ichiban..

When we go back from Macau, we dropped by at Esprit outlet near the gateway mall to buy some shirts for hubby, my brothers and uncles. We bought a total of 12pcs Esprit shirts, oh i also bought Esprit small sling bag for me because its also sale...

Hubbys wearing one of the Esprit shirt that we bought when we got back from our Macau trip and he also wore his new Nike shoes. Naks naman...

When we started packing our things in preparation for our flight going back home, we leave some of the box from the things that we bought in the hotel. We also use some of our new stuff so the immigration wont look in our baggage.

Oh did i mention that we all bought Almond cookies in Macau, we hand-carry those in the airport going back to Manila. Each plastic consists of 5 boxes, since were a group of 8, its not really obvious that we hoard those goods in Macau..hehe

I love HK and i love shopping!

With this post, you now have the idea of what to buy for your pasalubong when you go to Macau and Hongkong.


  1. sosyal ng gucci! lhat kayo bumili? ako wala? hhaha

  2. hi po! ask ko lang po kung paano yung pagbayad nyo ng USD or HKD? pano nyo po nacompute? iniiba po ba nila yung price if USD ang payment?

    Thanks in advance.. =)

  3. Hi. I used to compute it in Pesos back then. It is HKD 1.00 = PhP 6.50. Hindi nman nila iniiba ang rate if HKD or USD ang ibabayad.