May 10, 2012


Wow bago na pala ang blogger ngaun! Im not updated anymore kasi our desktop was busted 2 weeks ago but im still alive so no need to worry.. hehe

So what's new?

  • Im busy as usual but not the work thingy.. Im busy with our house, so many things na kailangang gawin kaya wala na rin ako masyadong time to go online now. **sad**
  •  I cant upload any pics right now but hubby make sure that he'll fix our desktop pc this weekend. He's busy now in his office because their US counterparts is here in the Philippines and being a linelead/trainor he's busy with the presentations. 
  • US goods will arrive in 2 to 3 weeks time. My small business is doing good, lagi nga akong nauwi ng laguna to deliver orders. Im talking to hubby about going to Bangkok by the 4th quarter this year to buy goods aside from the US goods. My relatives in the US were suggesting of putting up a PX goods store but we'll see first.
  • I encounter problems lately but i believe that it will be solved in no time. I was planning of getting a student visa in Australia for 2 years but all my relatives including hubby is against my decision. So malabo na talaga ako na makapag-abroad.. Hanggang tourist na lang talaga ko :(
  • In the next few weeks, i will be attending seminar again to continue being a part-time real estate agent just like before. Nasa sales talaga ang kapalaran ko and since its my forte, might as well use it para may pagkaabalahan ako and at the same time another income.

I want to announce that im going to be a stay-at-home-mom very soon. Im resting from the corporate world. Working in a call center/BPO industry is really stressful and im getting sick lately. Since hubby can afford the household expenses, i decided to rest muna. So im preparing myself to be Tami's yaya in the next few weeks or maybe months. hehe. Wala akong gagawin sa bahay kundi mag-online selling goods or going to house tripping with clients and the major role - taking care of my kid and the hubby.

Right now, i cant think of any but to look forward to my next role - an official stay-at-home-mom doing some small business.

What do you think?

Bye for now because im going to my physical therapist now and i have my PT session at 1PM in Perpetual Hospital. Ill be back soon :)


  1. Curious lang. What do you need a physical therapist for?

  2. Hi Joiz,

    I have an scholiosis and im experiencing pain on my thoracolumbar part (lumbar strain) that's why i need to undergo 6 sessions of therapy everytime na nasakit :(

    1. Hi Cindz!

      So that's what the PT is for. 6 sessions of therapy, yikes! Hope your ok now.