Apr 21, 2012

Tami's 6th Birthday Party in Mcdonalds

Another photo heavy post.

Last Saturday (April 14) was my daughter's advance birthday celebration in Mcdonalds. At first i was worried because i counted those who texted that they will attend the party and the confirmed attendees reached more than 100. I only reserved 100 pax for the day (70 adults and 30 kids). Hubby told me to be ready because most of his agents will come too. I kept on counting kasi baka kulangin ako that day, di ko pa naman dala ang atm ko dun. Hubby has exact money with him.

Buti na lang wala din kaming kasabay na party that day kasi the venue  (room 1) is good for 80 pax only and since we reached 100 guests, Mcdonalds allowed us to use the other party room.

Party has this banner in front of the venue.

Mcdonalds themes

The venue (room 1), on the left side with the sliding door was the room 2

We arrived in the place 30 minutes before the actual party to check the place. We brought the lootbags that morning so the mcdo staff can arrange it before the party.

The lootbags

Ang cute ng lootbags no? Most of the guests were asking me where i got it and told them that its from Divisoria. Some were also planning to buy that bag for their kid's party. Its available in different colors too.

The birthday girl

Party Hat and Table Mat (Princess theme)

The Mcdonalds Party Game Prizes

Camera Toy, Coloring Book, Stickers, Notepad and Toy

The birthday girl on the start of the program. She was telling me that day na sa next birthday party naman daw nya ay sa Jollibee. Grabe ang anak ko, marunong ng mamili.

Red Ribbon Cake

I was supposed to buy the princess design kaya lang dapat daw at least 3 days advance order. Wala naman akong time na pumunta pa dun just to order cake. When we brought the giveaways in Mcdo that morning, nagpunta na rin ako sa Red Ribbon to buy this cake.

Mcdonalds did not allowed to serve the cake. Pero kung sa kanila binili yung cake, i-serve daw nila yun. We just divide the cake and gave some to relatives as their take home.

Photos from the party:

As you can see, mas marami pa ang guests na adults kesa sa kids. Some of Tami's classmates weren't able to attend for some reasons. We only have 4 kids in the family tapos hindi pa nakarating yung isa, on hubby's side of the family naman konti lang din ang naka-attend because some has work at hindi available yung iba. Happy pa rin naman kahit yung iba hindi nakarating, umabot pa rin ang guests ng almost 100 pax :)

Some of my relatives (aunt, cousins and niece)

My youngest brother with his son and my other lola

The only kids in the party.

Cousins, aunts and my niece

Some of hubby's agents

Hubby's agents

My friends in the office

When its time to blow the cake, nabawasan pa ang kids... But its ok because Tami enjoyed this part :)

With the mascots

Family pic (sana inayos ang pagkuha dba? hmp!)

The only kids in our family (sayang wala si cross)

Hubby together with his officemates

With my officemates

The party ended at 6:30pm, buti na lang hindi kami pinagbayad ng extra charges dahil lumampas kami ng 2hrs. With the reservation of 100 pax, we had excess of almost 15 food for kids while i order another 5 take-out orders for adults because my brother requested takeout food.

All in all, the Mcdonalds party were fun. My daughter was thanking her guests for coming to her party and she did enjoy her birthday. The host was lively that we keep on laughing especially with the games.

Before i end this post, we just wanna thank everyone who gave gifts to Tami (she was really happy with the gifts, lahat gusto nya) and to my titas who gave money as their gift, nakabawi ako ng 30% sa gastos.. haha

So, bye muna ngayon. Hubby and I has diamond peel treatment schedule at RVB cosmetics later at 5pm then we'll go to my aunt's place in Sta. Cecilia for dinner, its my cousin's 21st birthday :)


  1. Hello! Where in Divisoria did you get the lootbags? I need 30 pcs in red kasi.

  2. hi cindz... sana pong mcdonald's branch ginanap birthday ng daughter mo? Thanks~!