Apr 11, 2012

Party Favors from Divisoria (Disney Princess theme)

I called Mcdonalds last week to know the giveaways for my daughter's birthday, its so sad that they only provide pen as the giveaways. Everyone pa naman look forward  to have something that they can take home aside from the food. hehe. I planned of going to Divisoria to buy party favors and it happened last weekend.

My officemate accompany me in Divisoria at around 4pm just to buy party favors. My cousins Kuya Bing and EJ went on a road trip kasi ang init daw sa bahay, instead of going somewhere they went na lang to Divisoria to help me bring the loots. After buying loots from Divisoria mall, i went alone in 168 mall to meet my cousins while my officemate went home.

I didn't have a hard time looking for party favors because Disney princess is scattered everywhere in Divisoria. This is just some of the loots that we bought in Divisoria that we're going to give on my daughter's party.

Coloring Books

I also bought Thomas and friends for the boys.. Alangan naman princess din ang ibigay ko dba? Unless beki ang boy, yun baka matuwa pa kung princess ang matanggap nya :)


I didnt plan of buying this but i remember hubby's nephew na nagwala last year because he didn't receive yoyo from Tami's birthday. Now ill make sure that he'll receive one.

Princess Erasers

Coloring Books and Stickers

Do you know this toy? The Pick-up sticks?

Its one of Tami's fave game in hubby's phone kaya bumili ako.

Giant Colors

I bought Thomas and friends for the boys and Princess for the girls :)

Other Loots

Toys and Bubbles

The Lootbag

We really liked this lootbag. Pink for the girls and blue for the boys. The cloth is not that paper type so kahit mabasa sya maganda pa rin.

All in all, i spend P1,500 only for the party favors including the lootbags. I'll bought na lang some chips and candies in supermarket to add in the lootbags.

Shorts for Hubby

After meeting my cousins, we just went around and transfer in 999 mall where the car was parked. My cousin bought shorts in preparation for their Boracay trip, i also bought na rin shorts for hubby for our upcoming trip :)


  1. And again...am crazy over the lootbag and need to know where in Divisoria to buy it from. It is actually called a tab-top box bag. Can't find a supplier on the internet...wahhh!

    1. Hi Ms. Joisu.

      You can buy the lootbags in Divisoria mall. Ikutin mo lang yung second floor at makakakita ka... what i remember, sa kakaikot namin tatlong stall lang ang may tindang ganun.