Jun 1, 2011

TKEES in Manila!

Another footwear to rave on!

Check out the vast array of colors TKEES has to offer!

Categorized as cosmetics type, surely every kikay girl will go gaga over this uber cute slip-ons.

Check-out Hollywood celebs who wear TKEES:

All photos are from singer22.com

Angelina Jolie

Jennifer Aniston

Blake Lively

And Lindsay Lohan too, among others...

Good news! TKEES are now in the Philippines at The Flatshop in Greenhills. Flatshop is also the official dealer of Melissa shoes here in the Philippines so expect that they will bring the original TKEES, aside from the Melissa, Fitflop etc... TKEES price starts at PhP 2,300 up....

Personally, i like these:

Coco or Sable from the TKEES Liners

Beach Pearl from the TKEES Shadows

Cute no? What's your Pick?

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