Jun 6, 2011

Bibingka and Bibingkinitan.

I used to love Bibingka since i was a child. My hometown (Laguna) is famous for some bibingka and since im presently residing in Manila, i always crave for yummy bibingka. Good thing Bibingkinitan offers mini bibingka to alternate my favorite Bibingka.

Everytime i go to mall whether in SM or ATC i always buy 2pcs Bibingkinitan to fill my hungry tummy. Two weeks ago, i craved again, i look for Bibingkinitan stall in ATC and its so very near Healthyway Clinic, so everytime i have my therapy sched, the first thing i do is to buy Bibingkinitan and eat while waiting for my therapist, this has been my habit this past few weeks.

Bibingkinitan for P20.00 each

Last friday, it was town fiesta in Laguna, all my relatives were there except us. I have a schedule therapy so we didnt have the chance to go home. They were texting and telling me they went to Pagsanjan and eat the famous Halo-Halo of pagsanjan, my fave Bibingka and all the foods... Oh i miss Laguna. *sob*

And they never forget to bring my favorite Bibingka as pasalubong. They bought it in Pagsanjan laguna. If you had the chance to go in Laguna, try the Bibingka in Pagsanjan across the Step-rite. Its really good. My uncle brought this in our home together with tami's new footwear.

This is how the Bibingka looks like:

The famous Bibingka in Pagsanjan, Laguna

When i open it i smell the yummy Bibingka.. It was so good when hot. When i arrived from my therapy i immediately open it and sliced it to pieces then eat.

At hindi ako nakatiis, ive eaten 2 big slices! hehe

Hayok sa Bibingka! haha. Actually its not the typical Bibingka like in Bibingkinitan. Its different from the traditional Bibingka. Thats why its so special because you can only buy this in Pagsanjan, Laguna.

Hmmm... and currently im eating this again as my dinner.

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