Jun 25, 2011

Shoes for the Rain

When its time to leave the house for the market, the rain pours so hard that i hesitated to go outside because i dont wanna go wet all over so i stayed a little, go online while waiting for the rain to subside. And now im blogging!

With the massive rain that's been going on now, I always get home close to dark and it has been raining like crazy that even some streets here in the metro get flooded. Now im thinking of Rainboots, i know rainboots are known to some part of the world only like US, Canada where the snow becomes thicker thats why its advisable for them to wear boots.

I have never had rain boots before maybe because its not that good wearing boots in a tropical country, right? But i rather wear boots than completely soak my shoes in the street when raining. With that, i check rainboots online and see if i can afford to have one now. As in now! This weekend maybe? haha *joke*

I found this Michael Kors online but definitely its not within my budget now and you cant buy it here in the Philippines.

MICHAEL KORS Croco Rainboots $89 (source)

Very nice no? Fab find.

A high quality rainboot is a smart investment that will last you for years! This style is especially fashionable in addition to being extremely sturdy. Sure to keep you dry thanks to its cozy lining and adjustable tightening buckle, this croc-embossed boot is a stunner in both vanilla and black.

But wait there's more! I found Plueys online and the good news is you can buy it here in the Philippines. 

Plueys and Skimmers

Plueys is manufactured in Hong Kong but is distributed mainly in the United States; Manila is its biggest Asian market. Filipinos are really into shopping no? Being the biggest Asian market of Plueys is really bigtime. Rainboots are really in now. Fashion during rainy season :)

These are the Rain Boots that I found from the Plueys Collection so definitely these are my absolute favorite of all!

Mustard Glossy Welly with Buckle PhP 4,200

Rain Skimmer is  the brand of Bright Cloud Inc. Rain Skimmers are waterproof ballet flats made of rubber. They are perfect for light rain showers and for avoiding mini puddles when strolling after the rain.

And i want these:

Audrey PhP 1,450

Channel your inner sophisticate with Audrey Rain Skimmers, comfy ballet flats in black with playful white dots—a modern take on a fashion icon. Even Ms. Hepburn would approve!

Kelly PhP 1,450

There is only love for your batted eyelash, the rosy blush of your cheeks, and the carefree dip-in-the-air of your foot—subtly sheathed in pretty Kelly Rain Skimmers, of course. These clover rain skimmers match your girly, flirty mood with its soft green hue: you’re instantly the apple of everyone’s eyes!

Waterproof ballet flats in black and olive, lined with black. These Rain Skimmers feature a lightweight matte printed rubber upper withfull cotton lining. Every purchase of Rain Skimmers comes with a free pair of heel protectors for long-wear comfort!

Hay i want to have those but i dont have budget for that now. The construction of our house will start in a few weeks and i cant shell out extra money because we really need to save for the interiors of our house. Really Sad. For now, ill just use my Crocs as my shoes for the rain.

Plueys shoes are now available in Rockwell or you can shop here. Oh by the way. Bright Cloud Inc is the distributor of Plueys here.

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