Jun 17, 2011

Solar Thingy...

Sorry for not updating my blog. I was so tired everyday and always came home late, i admit that its because of my work. Sometimes I can't help but wish that Im just a plain housewife, taking care of the kids and the hubby. Doing some rakets and just sit in the computer surfing my favorite online shopping sites.. Ain't life simple that way? :)

But i need to work for our future that's why im still here, good thing i enjoyed working in our company because i have friends in the office, i can travel wherever i want, i can buy what i want, eating anywhere, in short hindi pa ko pwedeng mag-resign! PAK!

Hay... I just wish everything will turn out right in the end. Anyway, i just arrived from work  (7.30pm) Yup 7.30pm na! Almost 11hrs working for almost 2 weeks na because of the deadline of our project and now im sitting here in front of the computer checking my emails. I just wanna share what i saw on my cousin's FB.

The caption below the picture says: "my new toy in the car :) a solar powered plant which continuously flaps until light source is stopped. excited tuloy ako lagi magdrive pag maaraw! :))"

It was my cousin Kit's car and her sister Kat wants it too in her car. Natatawa ako because they find that solar thingy cute and tuwang-tuwa sila that even her friends liked it. Kung alam lang nila! Nagkalat ang ganyan sa baclaran and divisoria that even street vendors in Coastal Road area are selling that solar plant. hehe

Its so funny that people here like to have goods from the US while them likes to have goods from here especially those that you can buy in Divisoria. By the way, before i end this post, i wanna congratulate my cousin Biboy for being 6th honor in his graduation in the US. Time flies so fast and he's now entering college :)

I feel so damn sleepy na... I need to go na **hikab**. Good night...

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