Jun 28, 2011

Dental Focus @ SM Southmall

Last Sunday was our appointment with our dentist in Dental Focus in SM Southmall. Hubby's cousin (Janz) together with her daughter also went there. Its tami's second time now for check-up and cleaning of her teeth. Since its sunday, we leave the house early because we anticipated that there are lots of patients that will go there and also because of the traffic from our home to SM Southmall because of the Maynilad Works around the highway.

We arrived in SM Southmall at exactly 9:45am, too early for the opening so we just waited outside and making fun with Tami.

While waiting outside..

And we're number 1 on the list for appointment. No need to wait..

Dental Focus

What i like here in Dental Focus is that the ambiance of the place is very cozy. The place is spacious and has comfortable sofa. Very bright place that enticed passersby and possible clients.

Tami and her new Yaya..

There are some reading materials that will keep you busy while waiting. As you can see in this picture, Tami is now wearing flip flops. When we were outside, she told me that her shoes is too big for her and she's not comfortable walking with it so we had to buy flip flops in the department store. Very choosy pa with the design, we bought that Barbie flipflop at P199.00. Maganda naman with the shiny strap.

I noticed with Tami's attitude regarding things, that blue flipflop was her choice. I showed here lots of design but she stick with it. I guess the attitude of having what she wants, she will definitely get it regardless of the price. A very "ME" attitude...

The branch in Southmall has 5 glass cubicle so if you have companion whose also has an appointment, they can do it at the same time. Even if your outside waiting for your turn, you can see whats inside of the clinic.

Our family has been with Dental Focus for quite some time now. I love it here because they have the most up-to-date facilities when it comes to dental things.

Tami while the dentist checking up his teeth.

On the front of this cubicle there is a big board with photos of their clients and majority of them are artists so its one of the proof that they have good service and very accomodating dentists.

While cleaning her teeth and putting prophylaxis.

She was not afraid of the dentist and she follows what he says. My baby girl is very brave. Very good Tam!

 If youre waiting for your kid, you can sit in this comfortable sofa behind the cubicle.

I highly recommend Dental Focus for your dental needs. The dentist also gave Tami a Dorco toothbrush for kids. I guess all the kids going there for an appointment will receive Dorco toothbrush for Kids in Dora design for girls. I dont know what is the design for the boys.

For more information and services, you can visit the site here.

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