Jun 19, 2011

Hubby's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all Daddies out there especially to Papa (my father), Papa Caloy, and to the best hubby (you-know-who) in the world. If you didn't know hubby, aside from being handsome *wink*, he's also the super PDA guy that makes him so sweet, loyal and the most important is our spoiler.. hehe..

How did you celebrate father's day?

My family didn't go out today because i wanna sleep the whole day and rest because i was really tired this past few days. Aside from my reason, the weather is not that good and its not safe to go outside because of the continuous pour of rain. So we stayed in our home and celebrate the simplest way.

I am today's cook. I know im not that good in cooking but i do have specialty. hehe. And would you believe that its always the request of hubby every weekend? Ha! Master na Master ko na to... What is it?

Lechon Kawali

Yes, its my specialty... hehe.. Its our menu on our lunch together with Sopas and Coke.

The simple celebration doesn't end on lunch. Because on our merienda, i cooked Tuna Pasta. The simple recipe i learned from a friend and buti naman hindi palpak...

My presentation..

Tuna pasta consists of Century Tuna, Mushrooms, Cheese and the Penne Pasta. I am happy that what i cooked today is perfect for their taste buds. No violent reactions from hubby and my daughter as well as the 2 house helper. Feeling ko tuloy magaling na ko magluto. Kering-keri na!

Look what Tami made for the hubby. She gave it last night and hubby told me that Tami woke him up just to give this simple card. Actually they created this in their school for the father's day.

The front of the card..

As you may noticed, the red thingy looks like fish because of the shape and sa totoo lang nagtataka ako from last night kung bakit yun ang design nya and while im rotating the photo in paint a while ago, dun ko lang na-realize na tie pala ang design nung card.. Sorry naman!

The note inside the card..

I asked tami about the drawing, she said its her Papa and her holding hands like what they used to do when we are in the mall. She told me that she gave it to her Papa and ni-hug daw sya ng Papa nya and said Thank you. Na-touch naman aketch...

The sweet, loyal, caring and spoiler hubby in the world...

Happy Father's day Bi.. I love you more than Bags! hehe

What about you? Any stories to share this father's day?

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