May 31, 2011

ATC's Family Lounge

Whenever im in ATC and if there's a need to pee or release the call of nature hehe, i always go to the Family Lounge because of the well-cleaned CR, i didn't say that comfort rooms in ATC are not clean but i prefer going in the Family Lounge. What i like most here is that you can stay here and rest especially if you have kids to attend to or you need to nurse your baby etc.. I took some photos for you to see the lounge..

Taken outside the lounge..

Before going home last Sunday, we drop by here to pee and also to stay at least a couple of minutes to rest while Tami plays in the playroom.

The view from where i sat.

There are couches outside the playroom, see there are lots of yayas looking after their kids in the playroom. If you dont wanna bring your kids to some playhouse that has fee, then you can bring them here provided that you will look after them unlike in the playhouse like Dave's Funhouse, you can leave your kids there and its guaranteed that your kids are safe.

The Playroom

It is not that big but enough for the kids to play around. It is carpeted and dont worry because it is also airconditioned, there are also some toys for the kids.

Tami playing inside the playroom while im outside reading magazine and taking some photos for my blog.

And whats nice here is that they also have computer stations where you can play or surf in the net. At sosyal ha, apple ang desktop..

The reading materials...

See, there are lots that you can do in ATC's family lounge but it is not tambayan. If you're going to the comfort room, you just have to pay P10.00.

Drop by if you want to see it yourself. Thumbs up!


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