May 1, 2011

Little Shopping in Southmall..

I was chatting with my cousin during lunch because my other cousin is going to the US for a talk on May 6 (sponsored by his school -Philippine Science High School) Galing! Im a proud cousin here! Since he is scheduled to meet with our relatives, my cousin in the US request something that can be found in the National Bookstore.

At around 2pm, i went to SM Southmall to buy the book requested by my cousin. Hubby told me that Southmall is sale but when i arrive it is not the mallwide sale, what makes it full of people is because of Piolo Pascual. He was having mall tour for his album. I texted hubby that im going home late because i want to see Papa P and while waiting, i bought all the needed stuff and went around.

When its time for Piolo to sing in the crowd, i hurriedly went to the activity center just to see Piolo, sobrang daming tao and super gwapo ni Piolo. I was enjoying that time because of the song that Piolo sang when hubby texted me:

Hubby's first text..

I didn't reply at first, after a couple of minutes, he texted again!

Hubby's second text...

Kahit labag sa loob kong umuwi that time at kahit enjoy pa ko looking at Papa P, i have no choice but to go home.

After dinner, i took the photos of what i bought in Southmall.

Latest book of Bob Ong

This is the request of my cousin. It is one of her collection since i dont remember.

Tagalog Pocketbooks

Its for me and the yaya. Pampalipas oras! haha.. corny na kung corny.
Havaianas Flip-flops for Hubby

It was his bilin because his flip-flops was already torn. He was using his old flip-flops inside the house.

Sayang hindi sya sale.

Flojos flip-flops for me

I dont want havies na because the quality is not that good anymore. Currently, i am using Ipanema and i bought this Flojos to try and its really soft and comfy, Hubby said sana Flojos na lang binili ko for him.

Flojos in SM Southmall is having sale at almost 40%.

I got mine at P700.00 only from the price of P1,095.00

My little shopping wouldn't be complete without these:

Meiji chocolates..

and Hubby's deodorant spray.

That's how my little shopping goes... I was happy today that i got to see Papa Piolo in person.

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