May 27, 2011


This is just a rundown of the things i like on the net. Yes i love Bags and Jewelry but it doesn't mean that i have to have all those designer and so expensive things. One or two is enough for me. Too much if i get everything :)

My wants is just the last choice of all our needs! Our daughter's needs comes first, then the household needs and last is my Wants. **sad**

The rundown of my WANTS. Sorry for this super long post because it means that i have lots of WANTS. Hehe

Kate Spade Mott Street Riley $425.00

Kate Spade Chrystie Street Rosaleen $395.00

Mulberry Alexa from Net-a-Porter

You see i've been a fan of Gucci, i already have Bag and Watch from Gucci and i still want this.


Tag Heuer (source.)

Remember Hubby's tag heuer gift to me? The one that was stolen in the NAIA airport in one of my checked-in bags during our Bohol trip? I forgot to put it on my handcarry bag and when im home, i realized that it was missing. And i dont know then how to tell hubby, I kept it to myself and didnt told him for almost 2 weeks. Now i want it again :(

TW Steel source

Actually i dont know if women can use this but what i know is i love TW Steel because of the oversized frame. And i want hubby to have this also, just dont know if he likes it.

Cartier source

My dream watch *drools*

Philip Stein source

Im going to have you in a few months time!

There is so much more. I just need to sleep now because its past 1:00am already and i have an appointment with my rehab doctor again tomorrow, ultrasound and OB-Gyne check up, derma also. I will not going to work again tomorrow. Oh! dont forget that its ATC's sale this coming weekend and that starts tomorrow :) 

Oh Well, there's nothing wrong in dreaming... Yikes!

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