May 14, 2011

Perfect Combination

I blogged few days ago that hubby is on night shift now and because of the timezone that we worked on, we didn't see each other since Monday. Yesterday, hubby texted me if what time im going to arrive in Las Pinas and that he will wait for me so we can dine together. So the dinner was set. When i arrived in Las Pinas i found out that he will be late to his work and he only had 1.5 hours left from his schedule. Since we dont have time to go to SM, hubby said to just go to Andoks near our place para hindi na lalayo.

Then we met at Andoks and order food for our dinner. While waiting for our food, i heard my favorite song "Perfect Combination". I upload the video for you to hear the song. Its so nice. Hubby keep talking about his work and his schedule then suddenly he said "Be, long time no see ah".... Next na kita natin sa saturday na.. tagal... Well, im so kilig last night while hubby keep saying that he missed me... and he made an effort just to dine with me.

Hay.. kinikilig ako... Pero syempre hindi naman nya alam what i feel that moment. Im shy eh. Im not like him that is very vocal with his feelings, very PDA (public display of affection)... Eventhough we have opposite characteristics, we clicked together in everything and for that i feel that we are a perfect combination just like this song... cheesy!

Perfect Combination

Two hearts together we're a harmony so right
Two sparks united we're a fire burning bright  

Only two , always brand new
Right from the jump, we had a hunch
That we have everything


Perfect combination
Love plus you and me
Perfect combination
We couldn't ask for any better
Perfect combination
We fit to a tee
A perfect combination
We're all it takes to last forever

So deep inside we share a feeling that's so rare
So sweet, just knowing that we are a special pair

Right on time
We're two of a kind
and heaven knows
this love will grow
Stronger everyday

Repeat chorus x1

We can conquer any mountain
Just as long as we're together
Cause as one we are an endless fountain
Overflowing with love
Perfect love

What's your fave song?

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