May 15, 2011

Team Building & Spongebob Party

I posted here about our scheduled team building last time. After our shift last friday (3pm), we all headed to Laguna and its also our planned surprise party for our supervisor.

"Matuterians" at the company lobby.. hehe

Dangsky Resort

As i was said, Dangsky Resort is new to us and we didn't know what to expect until we arrive, pictures are not enough to say that its really big for our group and very affordable considering its a peak season. With 3 rooms, 2 shower rooms and cr's, dirty kitchen with free use of the lpg gas, all are really good. I recommend this resort for those looking for a big place for team buildings, swimming party etc.

Anyway, we arrived in the place past 6pm and we didn't waste our time. We prepare the food, party favors and with the help of the boys and cooperative team mates, we were able to surprise our supervisor.

Team Garting

My supervisor said that he was really surprised and it was his dream to have this kind of kiddie party, it is not that grand but he was thankful for the effort.
The birthday boy with his gifts :) 

After the picture taking, we had our post merienda..

 The cupcake...

 The merienda - Spaghetti and Andok's chicken

We also prepare all the foods for the whole night until breakfast. To name a few:

Grilled Liempo
Grilled Fish
Grilled hotdogs

 Desserts: fruits and we also have leche flan

Aside from dipping in the pool, resorts package includes the use of billiards and the videoke (no need to prepare P5 for the machine because its free!)

Me on the billiards and Chucky the videoke queen! hehe

We swim during the free time, i love the pool because its not really hot nor cold, tama lang ang timpla. Pictures galore around the area.

 (L-R) me, jhoy, jane, janice, phong and kelly

 Rest, drink and putting sunblock...

 second round...

After dipping in the pool, at around 1am we started our games and it was really fun. We had the famous Pinoy Henyo with the theme "Green". All the words in the Pinoy-Henyo game has double meaning. Super fun! We had videos of the game but i dont know how to upload it here. Sayang.

Aside from the Pinoy-henyo, we also had Buhol-Buhol game...

The games was really fun and we all enjoyed it. Laugh trip all night. After the games, we're all back in the pool hanggang sa magsawa. They all stay there until 5am but i cant stay that long so i have to take the shower at 3am and just jokingly around after.

When its time to leave and while the others are preparing their things, we took pictures around for the last time. Me and jhoy (i was the model and she was the photographer.. haha) thinks of the blog were following and reading because almost everyday this blogger posts her everyday wear and she pose like this:

The outfit:
Top from Mossimo, Jeans from 168 mall, flipflops from Flojos, Bag from Havaianas.. ano pa ba?

gayang-gaya ba jhoy? haha

Anyway, i enjoyed our team building. If you're planning of availing the resort, you can contact me here in my blog. The rent was P7,000. Its really worth your money.

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  1. winner na winner ang outfit photo mo matuts! hahaha..yhoj