May 23, 2011

Dave's Funhouse @ ATC

As i have said, we leave my daughter to Dave's Funhouse in ATC so we can do the things we need to do. Tami has been to Dave's Funhouse several times either in ATC or in Southmall but this is the first time im going to blog about it because last Saturday that i've been there, i was so bored waiting for Tami so i took some pictures for my blog and here it is.

Dave's Funhouse
Alabang Town Center (they also has some branch in SM's)

Dave's Funhouse has miniature kids facilities like Store with lots of plastic veggies and fruits etc., Hospital with its facilities like the bed, doctor's uniforms etc., House that has sala etc., and Fast food outlet that has plastic food like burgers and fries etc. It also has cars and has gas station too! boys will like here also because it has computer games etc.


Upon checking in and paying the downpayment, the guardian or the parent is required to have his thumbmark on their system and whoever parent/gaurdian who gave the thumbmark is the only one allowed to claim the child. I like this one because it is really safe to leave the kids on the funhouse.

The Repair Shop

Mini hospital

Mini Fastfood outlet

And before going to Healthway for my scheduled therapy, hubby and i bought takeout KFC and parted ways, he went to his office for their outing and me went back to Dave's funhouse so Tami can have her merienda and i dont leave the place until she finishes her meal.

KFC Meal includes burger, fries and soda

After eating merienda, i went straight to healthway for my 1 hour therapy, i leave again the place and talk first with the attendants to look after my daughter while im on the therapy. The attendants are also nice and very accomodating to the customers.

Dave's Funhouse rates..

If you're planning to bring your kids there, don't forget to bring socks because all the kids and even guardians are required to wear socks. Dont worry also because if you forgot to bring one, they sell a pair of socks for only P25.00

Tami play from 3:30 to almost 8:30pm so i pay PhP375.00 (PhP350.00 for the unlimited rate and PhP25.00 for the socks). Super sulit diba?

With all this miniature stuff, Tami surely enjoyed her day while i accomplished all my agenda in ATC.

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