May 23, 2011

BTIC = Better Than Ice Cream

BTIC simply means Better Than Ice Cream and located just beside the Rustan's near the escalator. It is really not that noticeable but worth visiting the booth. After my therapy and while waiting for Tami in Dave's Funhouse, i decided to try this BTIC and see what's the difference from the other gelatos and from my favorite White hat.

The BTIC booth. Looks like a simple ice cream booth with three tables set beside the booth for the customers who wants to stay and have a cold treat.

The prices..

Some people that i saw bought the BTIC and they prefer in cone so they can go around licking their ice cream while so me! hehe

They have lots of flavor to choose from and really looks yummy!

Right side of the freezer

Left side of the freezer

On the other side

From the flavors, i chose Mint and Chips...

My mint and chips (PhP55.00 for 1 scoop).

I only ordered one scoop because i want to try it lang. The flavor is so good but the texture of this is not that smooth, Its like im eating dirty ice cream in our neighborhood. hehe. Its still good that i want to have another one.

When Tami finally gets tired of playing and decided to go home, we dropped by again in BTIC so she can try it. I chose the Bubblegum flavor for her because i know kids love that flavor :)

Tami with her BTIC bubblegum flavor.

Also 1 scoop only. Mahirap na at baka masayang pag di nagustuhan ni Tami. I asked her after she tasted it and she said that she likes it.

Next time we'll try different flavors :) Have you tried the BTIC?

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