May 3, 2011

Office Outfits

Come June, we will wear again semi-formal attire in our office. We thought that the casual attire will be forever, hindi pala. Now that im on leave, i need to arrange some of my blouses and get all the office clothes in my inlaws house. Remember the time we transferred here in our apartment? We leave some of our clothes in our room especially the office clothes.

Now that i will needed it again, im having problems now on where to put all those here in our apartment.

Some of my office clothes here in our apartment. I need to place this first on the cabinet before getting all the stuff from the other house.

Shoes again. Were not allowed to use clogs, sandals etc. on the office starting June. So i need to collect again close shoes. Good thing i still have my fave pumps that i bought 4 years ago.

My fave Florsheim pumps

My pumps still looks good. The advantage of the quality over quantity. Am i right?

Hay i need more polo-shirts and blouses. For sure this will costs us again. Kasi naman!


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