May 10, 2011

Banana-Strawberry at DQ!

My family and I have been keeping our love affair with anything cold, whether its gelato, froyo or ice cream. Its always a must to have a least a tub of ice cream in our fridge because hubby and my daughter is a monster eater of ice cream. We always buy ice cream depends on the location or where we do grocery, say doing grocery in SnR, top choice would be Ben and Jerry's or Blue Bunny, If in SM Center our pick is Selecta Hersheys but sometimes my FIL will bring 1 gallon or half gallon of Dan Eric's ice cream here for Tami.  We also love the local brands like Dan Eric's because the taste is really like Magnolia or better than Magnolia ice cream.

Whenever im in Southmall naman, i always buy ice cream in DQ because i enjoy walking around while eating ice cream.

Suki na ko dito sa DQ.

Servings depends on the size..

Another thing that struck me here was the fact that it wasn’t an icecream store alone. DQ store serves shakes, drinks and even some cakes.

My Banana-strawberry ice cream. Flavor-wise is really well. It is completely on par with other ice cream store. I love the combination that i ordered. For sure tami will like it also because strawberry is her fave flavor.

They now have the Super Mango and definitely i will be going back there to try this.

Yummy it is!

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