Jun 6, 2011

St. Peter's E-Burol

Its my first time i heard about this online Burol.  And i think its the solution to those who are unable to come home to mourn with their loved one who passed away.

If you availed St. Peter's service, an online webcam facility and tv is set-up to corresponding chapels and the wake is broadcast live so relatives who are miles away can attend the wake by just viewing the real time broadcast of the wake.

As of now, our lolo's wake is at St. therese Chapel in Pasay and we are on broadcast live. So for our relatives and friends, here is the instruction on how you can view Lolo Levy's wake.

How to Access the E-burol from Chapel Room

-Click on E-burol 9online viewing)
Click (continue button)
Click on St. Peter memorial Chapels Luzon
Click on St. Therese Chapel
Click on Blessed Zelie Guerin
Enter USERNAME: stpeter
Enter PASSWORD: spmc

A popup will appear just below the tab
Click the Popup
Install the necessary active x, add popup
Watch the video live.

This has been very helpful to our family since most of our relatives are in the US. Those who cant come home definitely uses E-Burol and its like they with us already. They are just texting via BBM, chatting in FB, twitter etc. using those high-end gadgets because St. Therese chapel has the fastest wifi i've experience recently.

And all of us dont get bored because the wifi. hehe...

Lolo lev's last night will be on wednesday so better watch it live and say a prayer for Lolo Levy.

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