Jun 23, 2011

Pure Beauty Products at Watsons..

Last monday, my friend and i decided to meet at Jollibee in The Fort across St. Luke's hospital (that's walking distance to our office). When our lunch time came, me and some of my teammates went to Jollibee for our lunch, i also met there with my friend whose also my previous officemate.

There we have a little chit-chat about our lives and because she's now residing in Pateros with her family, we rarely see each other now unlike before when she's still living in Las Pinas, its like i was in their house almost every weekend. Oh i miss those times!

Anyway, after my lunch and when its about time to leave Jollibee, she handed me loots because according to her, her sister is working in Watsons and they always have free products. Since she's not fond of using hair treatment and she knows that im maarte, she thought of giving me some. Thanks Cez!


Made in Korea expressly for Asian hair, it indulges your
hair with moisture, protective antioxidants and vital
nutrients for exceptionally strong, sleek and silky results.

Try it just once and you’ll understand why Japanese
Camellia is a 3,000 year-old beauty secret.

Pure Beauty offers 5 range Haircare Treatment namely:

1. Pure Beauty Treatment Shampoo
2. Pure Beauty Treatment Hair Conditioner
3. Pure Beauty Treatment Hair Mask
4. Pure Beauty Treatment Essence Water
5. Pure Beauty Treatment Hair Care Oil

After using the products, I guess this is worth blogging.

The products that my friend gave me.


Restore your hair's glorious shine with Pure Beauty Treatment Haircare Oil. Fortified with protective Camellia Seed Oil, this treatment nourishes, strengthens, and restores the brilliant natural sheen that is the signature of lustrous Asian hair.

Pure Beauty Hair Care Oil works best for me. It tamed some frizzy hair without the greasy feel like any other hair care treatment. With all the products ive tried on, i can say this haircare oil is the best. Sometimes i leave this oil in my hair for overnight to keep my hair manageable and it moisturizes my hair.


Made with rich Shea butter, Vitamin B5 and Camellia Seed Oil, Pure Beauty Treatment Hair Mask is an intense conditioning formula that moisturizes and revitalizes, leaving your hair healthy, soft and lusciously shiny.

After a week of trying i think im starting to love these products. Im so inlove with this, my now must-have.

Pure Beauty Products are available in Asian countries like HK, Korea, Malaysia, SG, Taiwan, Thailand and Turkey. Here in Philippines it is distributed by Watsons.

For more info about Pure Beauty Products, click here.

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