Jun 24, 2011

Krispy Kreme - Tami's Fave!

Last wednesday, my baby requested for a doughnut so before i headed home i dropped by in MOA just to buy Krispy Kreme. At first i was hesitated to go because it was raining but i had no choice because it is the request of our boss. hehe

When i arrived home, my baby is excited to eat her doughnut, they waited because i informed her yaya to wait for me because i bought them doughnut.

My sick baby with her request..

I bought 2 dozens of Krispy Kreme! Sinful sweets :(

The selection of doughnuts in the store was extensive. I immediately noticed the Toblerone and other Hershey's donuts that makes more Krispy Kreme very sinful to those on diets! haha. There were also so many flavors, from chocolate flavors to cheesecake to the traditional and very common glazed doughnuts.

Aarrrgghhh... the sinful donuts.... sira na naman diet ko! I chose my favorite flavors to be put in one box. With these 6 donuts, i need to run from Manila to Antipolo just to burn those calories! hehe

The first dozen...

What i like about krispy kreme is that they are light and fluffy and its like melt-in-your-mouth. Oh so good! But beware to those who have diabetes because it can kill you! haha

And as of now, our stock in our fridge is now down to 3 pcs. See? that's how good the krispy kremes are considering we are only 5 in the house (me and hubby, tami and the 2 househelps). And the househelps cant believe that its so good because its their first time to eat krispy kreme.

Cant wait to eat my last New York cheesecake doughnut!

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