Jun 13, 2011

Small Business :)

If you were following my blog, you know how much i love shopping. My relatives love it too that almost every quarter they send package for all of us. And we are thankful for that.

Ever since i got a job, im always on the sales field, my current position is the only job that im not selling. But i love Sales. Sales means more money, right? And every mother would do everything to have an extra income to go to the family savings, whether its for the child's tuition fees or for their future etc... And im one of them, i need to have an extra income for my kid's tuition fees, for our housing loan, for our investments and most especially for our luho :)

Since hubby pays for everything (see here the household budget), i dont mind sharing and i want to earn more for our investments and future retirement fund. And for that, ive come up of idea selling goods. I talked to my cousins in the US and ask them to buy goods that im going to sell here.

And the brands that im selling:



All goods that im selling are all original and came from the outlet store so definitely its more cheaper compared here in Manila. The first package will arrive in July so watch out for it. More goods will arrive.

And im thinking of the name of my online store in FB... any suggestions?


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