Jun 9, 2011

Southsea Pearl Ring..

I came to a family whose very fond of jewelries. Whether its gold, white gold, diamonds etc. Last year, hubby gave me a pair of 14.6mm Southsea Pearl Earrings as his gift to me. And now im looking for a Southsea Pearl Ring that can match my earrings. Actually i have a 14mm Southsea Pearl ring but the design is just a plain ring so its really look big in my finger and im thinking of resetting the ring.

My Southsea Pearl set

Help me to decide on which design im going to choose:

Ring #1:

Ring # 2:

I like this one.

Ring # 3:

Now im thinking of how much it will cost me. Any idea?

Calling Lola.. can i have some loose Gold so i can ask the jewel maker to reset my ring?


  1. Hello Friends,

    Beautiful rings! South Sea pearls are the finest in the world. They come from many countries and have a wide range of colors while being of the highest grade. Thanks a lot.

  2. South sea pearls rank among the largest commercially harvested cultured pearls in the world. They are known for their large sizes and warm luster. Their sizes are normally large than 8mm and can sometimes can reach 19mm. Thanks a lot for sharing such beautiful and unique designs of pearl rings.

  3. Thanks for the comments. I love jewelries and Southsea Pearls. Yes southsea's are big and a bit heavy.. hehe... My cousin is doing business with Southsea Pearls here in the Philippines.

  4. i think the first ring looks great! But i believe that since you can't go wrong with pearls, whatever design you choose will be a fashionable hit. : )