Jun 14, 2011

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Its' Dad's day once again on June 19, 2011.

Let's admit that its so hard to find presents to a guy or most specially to our Dads because we women knows more about the trend than men. Come June 19 (Sunday), it will be Father's day again and we need to start looking for a perfect gift to our Dad. Its also a simple way of saying Thank You to them for all the hardworks and love they gave to us.

Since im online now and arrive home early, i am thinking of Father's day gift ideas for my father and also for my hubby. Among the top gift to our Dad and hubby would be tools whether its for the house or the car. A complete set of tools would be a nice token for a father who loves to work around the house.

Aside from the tools, gift will always depend on the characteristics of our Dad and to our hubby and with that, i come up of the following that are perfect for them.

PERFUME - for me its the safest gift i can give to Papa and hubby. Bvlgari is one of hubby's favorite scent.

Bvlgari perfume for Men PhP4,450
Available at Myregalo.com

TW STEEL WATCH - If you have a budget, you can give them a brand new watch or any luxury items, although it might be a little bit expensive then you may ask the help of your siblings to get that perfect gift.

TW Steel Watch

I think the price of TW Steel range from PhP18,000 above.

COSMETICS - I received this on my email and i wanna share it to you. This will be perfect for a little budget conscious.

Anthony Logistics Set for Men

Or if you're like me whose on a tight budget now because of saving up for the upcoming house expenses, The simple "I LOVE YOU DAD" will mean a lot to them.. Just always remember it is the thought that counts, your mere presence on that day is already a gift.

Kaya nga eto na lang gagawin ko kasi wala akong budget ngaun! haha

Advance Happy Father's day Papa and also to my hubby...

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