Jun 26, 2011

Prescription Glasses from Ideal Vision.... again!

When i woke up last Saturday from an afternoon nap, i found out that someone accidentally stepped on my glasses and the frame got dislocated. I hurriedly went to Ideal Vision in SM Southmall to get it fix. However, according to the opthalmologist, even if the frame gets fixed they still dont know if i will become comfortable wearing it again because it might broke from the tip where the glasses is connected. Another problem is if i leave my glasses to the shop, i need to wait for another week before i can wear it again because they need to bring it on their repair shop.

With that situation i decided to get a new glasses instead of waiting for another week because i cant work without my glasses. Did you know that i tried contact lenses? Yes i tried once but with my sensitive eyes, it gets red upon putting my contact lenses and its really itchy. After 2 days, i go back to glasses.

Anyway, Ideal Vision has become my fave shop since i wear prescription glasses. There are some reasons why i love Ideal Vision. First. there are lots of brands and designs to choose and Second is they accept 3 months installment in 0% interest. Isn't it great?

After choosing frame, the opthalmologist gets my grade. Grabe! kaya pala nasakit yung mata ko kasi my grade increased again. Kala ko magkakaron ako ng sore eyes, mali pala. 

Right Eye : From 200 to 250
Left Eye : From 350 to 375
Astigmatism : 50

After getting my grade and when its about time to pay the cashier gave me a P50 GC from Jollibee, free daw... hehe. Anyway, its still good to have it, at least kahit papano may free meal.

Maybe i got it after using my BDO credit card..

Buying prescription glasses takes at least an hour before you received it so while waiting i decided to use the free GC on Jollibee across the Ideal Vision.

My favorite Jolly Hotdog meal. I only add P30++ to get the meal.

And here's my new prescription glasses:

Its very similar to my MNG glasses.


Brand: BASS PhP1,900 from 3,250 (sale)
(i dont know if this is related to the BASS footwear pero parang ang layo eh... Eyes to foot. Sa tingin mo? hehe
Lens: Multi-coated P800 kasi daw mataas ang grade ko.
(badly needs for the computer radiation)
Add-on: Thin glasses P2,400

Total PhP 5,100 / 3mos = PhP 1,700

Keribels na no?


  1. same here, astigmatism! but as of now, pantay na 3.50 L&R. but unlike you, i wear contacts and eye glasses at home. Sana Cindz try mo ung transition lenses! =)

  2. Hi Einz, yung hubby ko na-try yung transition lens, ok na naman daw. nag-iiba lang ang color. sayang din kasi P2,500 din yung transition lens, ok lang naman sken kahit wala nun....kasi hindi rin naman tumatagal mga glasses ko...