Jun 5, 2011

Kota Kinabalu trip: Shopping

I was checking my blog and i saw this on my draft folder. What the heck! Hindi ko pala na-post! And its been what? 5 months? Hehe... Anyway, i'll post it na lang kahit super duper delay..hehe. This is also to help some of the tourists going to KK, to give them idea of what they can buy in KK.

Few months ago, i posted here in my blog about our 4D 3N Kota Kinabalu Trip and one of the highlights of our trip was the shopping of course. Everytime i go abroad for pleasure or work, i make sure to buy something from that place for personal use, pasalubong, remembrance etc... I went there with hubby's cousin and Aunt. We did our shopping during city tour and on our last day at Sunday Market and the mall.

Here are the things i bought:

Ref Magnet PhP50.00

Ooopppsss... its not from KK...hehe. I bought it on the airport in one of the souvenir shops. I was looking for Philippines magnet to add in my collection and i found this ceramic made ref magnet. Currently this is already gone. Since its ceramic, its so easy to break it and tami accidentally dropped it. I also bought Sabah Malaysia Ref Magnet in the Museum for my collection and for pasalubong to my close friends.

Coinbank RM20.00

Remember my story of this coinbank? When i get back here, hubby told me when he saw this "Dumayo ka pa ng KK para lang bumili ng alkansya?" I find it cute in the Sunday Market that's why i bought it. Hubby's right because when im packing my things going home, i had a hard time on where to put this thing. I have to hand carry it because its fragile.

So before buying things like this, think first if this fits your baggage or else you will hand carry it like what i did.

Keychains RM25.00/pack (5pcs per pack)

I bought 3 packs in the souvenir shop beside the Museum. When we were in Sunday Market we saw lots of keychains and one of hubby's cousin bought this for only RM15.00/pack. When we were in hotel, we compared the difference of the keychain from the museum and from the Sunday Market and we found out that the quality of the keychain from the museum is really good unlike in Sunday Market, it is cheap but the quality is not that good. This keychain was my pasalubong to my officemates.. Oh, i also bought this Bell thing from the Museum as display in our living room. Will show it next time.

Billabong shirt for Hubby

I remember i bought this shirt in 1Borneo Mall. I got this at 50% off pero mahal pa rin. When converted to pesos, parang nasa PhP1,000 pa din. Anyway its the only thing i bought for hubby.. hehe

Hilly Bag RM 359.00

I also bought this in 1Borneo Mall. Hubby's cousin Maya and I bought the same bag and until now hindi ko pa rin nagagamit. Poor Bag :(

Chocolates RM 7.99/box

This was bought from the Cocoa Boutique recommended by our tour guide. Every tourist in KK always drop here in this chocolate boutique because of their famous flavors. And you should try too! My personal pick is the tiramisu. Perfect!

2 pcs Earrings Jewelry

I bought the small and big one of this design. Its like diamond that sparkles all the time especially under the sun. So cute and i love to wear this.

Heart shape earrings

2 pcs Loop Earrings for me and Tami..

Isn't it obvious that its for me and Tami? I have kwento about this Jewelry. Click here to see my previous post about this.

I bought a total of 5pcs earrings in 22Karat gold and this costs me US$ 275.00. I didnt have plan of buying any jewelry but when Auntie said na mas mura daw dun compared here ang 22K gold, i decided to buy something for us. Good thing i brought my dollar with me.

Pringles Fruit and Nut


With food, i bought Pringles in that new flavor and the coffee because its new to me. I want to try those and also pasalubong for the kids. The Pringles is so good while the coffee is not. I love coffee but this doesnt satisfy my tastebud.

Another thing that i bought, during our last day when we were in mall. Maya caught my attention when she showed me the Buy 1 Take 1 products. It was the Johnson & Johnson's Milk Bath 500ml, the 7 signs Olay and Listerine. And mind you its really cheap like the JJ Milk Bath, the 2 bottles of 500ml costs less than Php 300 (PhP 275.00 to be exact). Super mura dba?

You know what we did? We hoard those products. Maya and I bought each products 3 pcs of the Buy1 Take1 so when i got home, i have 6 big bottles of JJ Milk bath, 6 pcs Olay set and 6pcs Big Listerine mouthwash. How cool is that? We have to check in 2 boxes in the airport so we can bring it home.

Its so good to buy abroad because for some reason its really cheap there. Maybe because the merchandise doesnt have taxes unlike here in our country, everything has taxes.



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