Feb 10, 2011

KK Trip: Cocoa Boutique

One of the famous tourist destination in Kota Kinabalu is the Cocoa Boutique. If you love chocolates, then this place is good for you. They sells different kinds of chocolate even the non-sugar ones and they also had different flavors to choose from. Sa sobrang dami, hindi mo alam ang bibilin mo...

Cocoa Boutique - Malaysia's largest chocolate paradise

When you enter the store, each flavor has a designated attendant and there's free taste. So we tried all of them and its very delicious.. As in lahat masarap especially the Tiramisu flavor.. Oh i love it!

All the attendants are very attentive to the guests and will welcome you with a smile.

The products is exclusively sold in this outlet only and could not be found in any grocery store so dont forget to drop by here..

According to some, the founder is one of the locals but studied in France and they make Belgian chocolates out of cocoa products. (Please correct me if this is true or not, its just a hearsay when we were there)

The cocoa...

Famous Mount Kinabalu made of chocolate.. You can see this inside the store but you cannot touch it...

The Sabah Map.. also made of chocolate..

This cute bears are sold at RM1.00 each only...

You can choose from different designs, flavors etc... Lots of products to choose from.

The chocolates that we bought. Since we want to try all the flavors, we bought 2 box each flavors..hehe

If i can remember, each box cost RM 7.99.

And we tried the almond flavor in the hotel..

Its very flavorful.. Worth every penny..

**Sorry sa mga officemates ko hindi na ko nakapagdala kasi bilis naubos eh...hehe.. Next tym n lang**

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