Feb 26, 2011

Restday and Payday!

Its Saturday again! Restday and Payday time..

Time to pay the bills and tomorrow, we are scheduled to go to PC Express Alabang and get our CPU. Hubby is already excited kasi makakapag-games na naman sya during his free time.

Before i end this post, i want to show you our new clothes. Did you remember when my relatives from the US sent unexpected package last January? Three (3) balikbayan boxes arrived then and one of the box contains different designs and different kinds of fabric. Maybe they bought it in sale during the Thanksgiving day las November. Anyway, my lola didn't know what to do with the fabrics so we all get what we want and i got 5 designs! hehe..

Two weeks ago, i went to the dress maker and i asked her to make blouses and dresses for me and Tami and here it is:

Blouse and Dress in Pink design

Blouse and Dress in Blue design

Blouse and Dress in Pink design

Three different designs and the output is Blouse and Dress for me, same with Tami's pair.


Blouse again

This last two pair was blouse only because the fabric was not that big.

All in all, i pay Php 2,500.00 only for the labor of the dressmaker.

Blouse cost P250.00 each x 5 = P1,250.00
Dress cost P350.00 each x 3 = 1,050.00
Tami's dress and blouse is P200.00 n lang (the only discount that i've got)

Pero mura pa din diba?

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  1. the dress and blouse ternos are so cute cindz! post in ur blog when you get to wear this with tami ok? i love ternos too eh =)