Feb 13, 2011

Cousin is coming home!!!

My aunt told us that my cousin BJ will be coming home this coming Saturday (Feb. 19) and decided to stay here for good. He decided to come back to school for some reason. He stayed in the US for almost 5 years and we were shocked with the news that he's coming back.

My dear cousins. BJ was the one wearing green.

Cuz, why the sudden change of mind?

I know you miss your lifestyle here and its good that you're coming back! hehe. You will also miss your life there in the US but i know that you will be happier here. Ngaun madadagdagan na naman kami ng kasama sa galaan... San tayo pagdating mo d2?

Sakto ang uwi mo, binili ka ni Tta Baby ng Montero na sasakyan...haha

I copied some of your pics to remind you that you've been there for 5 years, baka nman nabibigla ka lang sa decision mo? hehe

At eto pa ang mami-miss mo:

Giant Lobsters

Giant Western Sausage

Turkey legs

Chimichangga from El Torito..

Cuz, desidido ka na ba talaga? Anyway, im still excited to see you. 

I remember when i got married to hubby, my aunt told me to go to US and stay there. I was hesitant to tell hubby that because he dont want me to leave. He even told me na "Pag umalis ka, wala ka nang babalikan d2"... Sad but true..

Years after, he prove to me that i will be happier here with him. Now i realized that its still good to be here with my family. Look at my cousin BJ, he went and stayed in the US for almost 5 years, now he's coming back for good. He made me realize na mas masarap pa rin d2 sa pinas...


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