Feb 10, 2011

KK Trip: New Borneo Mall

The tour guide on our city tour suggests that we go to Borneo Mall on our third day because it is far from downtown. She instructed us on how to go there for free. Borneo mall has free shuttle exclusive for tourists. They told us that before, anyone can use the shuttle but what happen is the locals always use the shuttle so they changed the rule that the shuttle will be for the tourists only.

1 Borneo Mall is the newly-opened high-end mall in Kota Kinabalu but far from downtown. Like what ive said, there's free shuttle located in the city and our hotel was walking distance in this area so its not hard for us to locate the station.

The shuttle schedule.

Be aware that you have to be at the area at least 30 mins. before the schedule. First you have to get the complimentary pass from the booth. You just have to show your passport, they said that even if you didn't bring your passport, the attendant in the booth will know if you are a tourist or a local. But just to make sure, we brought our passports everytime we leave the hotel.

The complimentary pass..

The shuttle bus arrives every 30 mins. to pick up the hotel guests and tourists.

Since we are waiting for our turn, we took some pics. The shuttle bus is located beside the mall near the Waterfront so you will not get bored while waiting. Behind me is the Roxy and Quicksilver outlet.

The shuttle bus from downtown to 1 Borneo mall... I guess this shuttle can accomodate 20 to 30 persons only.

1 Borneo mall is like Glorietta and Rustans to us.

Parkson is the Rustans to us.

We stayed in the mall for almost a day and we enjoyed our stay there... Our next stop from the mall is at Cocoa Boutique, the famous chocolate shop in KK.

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