Feb 12, 2011

Unexpected Package

Last Jan. 28, 2010, my aunt texted me because of another package that arrived in my uncle's office. I wasn't expecting any because my aunt's family in the US already gave us christmas presents last December including money. When i received the text, we were having our dinner and after finishing my food, i hurriedly went to my uncle's office to get some loots for us..

Here's what we've got:

All the items that we receive.. Thanks to Cantos family...


M&M's now have another variant and its M&M's Pretzel..

Big bottle of Nutella

Shower gel

Sanrio watch for Tami

Short story: When i arrived in our house, Tami saw the items im carrying and when she saw her new watch, she was jumping in awe and told me, "Wow kitty watch! Thank you Mama"... hehe. She thought that i was the one who bought it for her.

Si hubby naman natatawa lang kay Tami and after a while, she told Tami that its not me who bought the watch, he said that its xmas present from her Ninang Kit aside from the US dollar that she sent (Thanks Kit).

Cantos family pic greeting card..

To Cantos family: Next time kayo nman ang makaka-receive ng ganyan na greeting card at puro kami nman ang nasa picture...hehe

Tami immediately wore the watch. She always uses it when going to school. Kahit nga ako type ko yung watch, parang gusto kong isuot...

Tami trying out the new gadget...

Again, thanks to Cantos family....

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