Feb 15, 2011

Our Apartment Contract..


Hubby and I went to the Landlord of the apartment and we told him that we were planning to move-out by May because we already have our own house and we planned of telling him ahead of time so he can tell the office regarding our plan and to prepare the refund of 4 mos. deposit that we made when we transferred to the apartment last October.

Unfortunately, the Landlord told us that we need to stay in the apartment at least 1 year as stated in the contract that we signed last year. If we terminate the contract, we will pay the remaining months and we were not able to refund the 4 months deposit. F*ck! Malaki din yon ah.. saka sayang yung 4 months deposit. Hubby and i looked at each other when we heard it. We told the Landlord that we will check again the contract because we are not aware of that.
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Blame it to us for not reading the contract before signing it.

After all that conversation Hubby come up of the decision of delaying the construction of our house. Yesterday we went to the construction company office and we told them of what happened... They suggests that they will start the construction of our house by June so we can move in October. Hubby want the house to be finished by September so my cousin have at least 1 month to design the house and we can transfer by October. He wants to have a house blessing on his birthday (Oct 24).

So for now, we will stay in the Apartment until October and our daughter will have another year in her school.

But at least, were going to spend our first christmas there as what i have plan before.

Lesson learned: Kahit gaano pa kakapal ang contract, make sure that you have time to read it all.

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