Feb 11, 2011

KK Trip: Sunday Market

On our last day, our flight schedule is in the afternoon and our plan was to go to this famous Sunday Market, it's also walking distance from the hotel that we stayed in. We woke up early and had breakfast then left at 8:00am. This is my favorite part of the trip, shopping.

I think it is 10 minutes walk and during the walk, you will see some important place in KK. Hubby's cousin (Maya) is fluent in Malay language that's why its not hard for us to communicate with the locals because we have an interpreter..hehe.. 

"Jalan Istana" means going to the palace of Kota Kinabalu.. As much as we wanted to go and see the palace, syempre hindi pwede...hehe

With Hubby's aunt

In front of Sabah Energy Corporation..

Sabah People Park...

This is outside of the Sunday Market. They will allow you to hold the snake and took picture. Syempre i didnt try to hold it because i am really afraid with snakes... uod nga lang takot na ko, ahas pa kaya..

This is the entrance of the Sunday Market... This became popular for tourists like us. It is located near Waterfront in a long street, since it is called Sunday market, the street is closed during Sunday to give way for this.

Be prepared to walk as this market is really long... There are lot of things to buy. You will see that there are lots of Filipinos mostly from Zamboanga selling some goods.

Auntie checking out something that caught her interest.

Souvenir items... You will find lots of ref magnets, keychain etc but beware because even if its cheap from the Souvenir shop where we bought our souvenir loots, the quality of the keychain in Sunday market is not that good compared to the Souvenir shop in Museum. Like in Sunday market, you can buy 5 pcs keychain for RM20.00. In the Souvenir shop, we bought the keychain at 3pcs for RM 25.00. Big difference right? But if youre looking for quality finds, better look at some known Souvenir shops.


I like those display items...

Lots of foreigner in Sunday market.

I like this so i bought one.. Price is RM 20.00

Hubby told me when he saw this coinbank "Dumayo ka pa ng Malaysia para lang bumili ng alkansya?" hehe


Lots of vintage things..

We also found stall selling different kinds of old money from different countries. Here i am holding a P10.00 Peso bill. The vendor selling it for RM25.00

Bonsai plants. Auntie bought one of this and took home.. 

This is from the fruit stand. I dont know what it is called. Anyone knows what kind of fruit is this?

When auntie bought jewelry in a nearby jewelry store, she told us that the 22 karat gold is a lot cheaper in KK compared here in Ongpin so I decided to bought some for me and Tami. At first, i was hesitant to buy because i dont have enough Ringgits with me. Inubos ko na lahat ng Ringgits ko buying stuff in Sunday Market.

The jewelry attendant told us that they accept US dollar so when i heard this, i choose designs and the items i bought had a total of US$ 275.00, ang sukli ay Ringgit na.. discounted pa yan kasi Auntie also bought set of jewelries for her.

According to the owner of the jewelry store, all the store in KK selling jewelry has the same price, even if the store is in the mall, in the Sunday market, in the airport etc, because they follow the government's gold pricing so it is safe and they are all honest...

What i bought during my KK trip on my next post...

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