Feb 10, 2011

KK Trip: Kota Kinabalu city tour

Like what i've mentioned on my previous post, we availed the hotel's package tour for our second day and we pay only Rm 360.00. I know its a bit pricey but going around KK's tourist spot would require a service because the distance is too far from each spot. After having our complimentary breakfast at the hotel, our tour guide fetched us around 9am.

Our service was a mini coach bus and good thing we are the only tourist on that service that time.

Our tour guide named Jane was a Filipina but raised in Sabah. She was very kind to us and joker at the same time. She understand our native language but hardly speaks tagalog. Very fluent in english and bisayan language. What i learned is that mostly Filipinos worked in Borneo especially those from Mindanao because Sabah is just a 1 hr ferry away from Zamboanga.

Sa sobrang kwentuhan, hindi na nmin alam yung mga lugar na pinupuntahan nmin. Our tour guide bring us to the tourist spot and she discussed to us what, where and how it was made. Some tourist spots in Borneo are very interesting.

This is the second stop of the tour.

"Jalan Muzium" means "Going to museum"

One of the tour is the museum. What i enjoyed here is the Souvenir shop located outside the museum. I bought lots of keychain and ref magnets for the pasalubong, i also bought display items for our future house. I love collecting items from the places ive been to.

All in all, we went to 6 interesting places in Kota Kinabalu. I only have 2 places that i mentioned in this post. I dont have much time to screen all the pics because its too many and im also busy to downsize each photo.

I must say that City tour is a must when you're in KK, Malaysia.

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