Feb 11, 2011

What's your Love status?

Our company employee engagement team (EET) never runs out of ideas everytime there is a special occassion or an event. They make sure that employees will enjoy the occassion even if they're in the office. Yesterday we received an email for today's pre-valentine event titled "What's your love status?". Employees will wear clothes according to the color that corresponds to their love status. See image below.

The image from our email..

With my love status, my officemates knew what color im going to wear for today's event. It's not surprise to them anymore because they knew how happy i am with my hubby. Yes, i chose color white simply because "Im happily married".

Of course, there's also something to munch while working and for this year we have Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. (Dba krispy kreme din last year? Tama ba? hehe)


Advance Happy Valentines to all and since Valentines is on Monday, Hubby and I will celebrate na tomorrow because its our restday and we plan of watching Love and other drugs.

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