Feb 24, 2011

New Loots :)

Today, i came home with two new loots:

Benetton Paradiso Perfume

My officemate and I bought this perfume because its similar to my D&G light blue perfume. Its scent is also light and its very cheap. Perfect for everyday wear..

Yesterday, i post this in FB:

Im serious! I know mataba ako kaya nga magda-diet na ko ng konti... Why konti? Hubby will not allow me to lose weight ng sobra.. Nagagalit sya pag hindi ako sumasabay kumain sa kanya.. I also want to lose some weight because of my health, i have an asthma and if im fat, mabilis akong hikain... And my decision is to have a healthy diet, and my diet started yesterday.

To lose weight faster, i also bought this:

Nike Cortez shoes

Syempre i need to exercise and i need shoes to make it happen. Now i dont have excuse not to jog during weekend... 

At home, i can use this:

Ano bang tawag d2? Tagal na naming ginagamit to pero until now di ko alam ang tawag.. hehe

Jumping Rope..

Now, im ready to lose those pounds! Go! Go! Go!

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