Feb 7, 2011

Vacation trip cancelled..

Last night while in bed, Hubby and I talked about our upcoming Davao trip and it looks like we have to postpone it because of the large amount (talk about millions) that we needed for our future own house. He would have wanted to go because i planned it for valentines but after doing much thinking and computations, I was the one who change my mind since we have a lot of upcoming expenses. Grabe! para lang akong namigay ng pera sa airline for booking this na hindi nman pala matutuloy.. Really sad :(

Hay... excited pa nman ako sa Davao Pearl Farm... Eto pa nman ang sasalubong sken but anyway there's always time for this, Bahay muna ang priority nmen.


Davao Pearl Farm, next time n lang kita puntahan...

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