Mar 2, 2011

Healthway Medical

Last weekend, we were scheduled to get our CPU but since its too early pa, we decided to drop by at Healthway Medical for check up. Hubby experiencing upper back pain up to his neck and mine's lower back pain.

We were seated at the waiting area and i feel bored kaya nag-picture n lang ako for my blog.

View from our seats. We waited for our name to be called by the doctor and sabay na kami pinapasok sa room since were couple and magpapa-check-up naman kami pareho.

The doctor do some tests to both of us and he required us to have xray. For hubby, according to the doctor it is normal to experience those pain because of his work but he still required him to have xray to check bakit my pain up to his neck.

I experience lower back pain some years ago when i got pregnant but i told him that its not consistent. The doctor said that maybe because of my scoliosis. Before i have 6 degrees thoracolumbar spine. He also required me to have xray to check my scoliosis.

At the end of the meeting with the doctor, he gave us medicines and creams for pain. He also advise us to undergo therapy with the Physical Therapist.

Thanks to our Intellicare healthcard, we didn't pay a single peso. We'll be back next week for consultation again for the xray results and for the PT appointment.

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