Mar 27, 2011

Loots from Divisoria...

When we went to 168 mall yesterday, we use the remaining 2 to 3 hrs to shop. And what funny is all the nice and fab items that we found there, all of us bought the same to get discounts except for Hugh because she cant wear girl things.. hehe...

You don't need to wear expensive things to look fab, right? You just have to know how to mix and match your expensive and not-so-expensive things and the most important is you have to be confident and be yourself, and that makes you fab.. tama ba mga mare?

Here are the loots that i bought in 168 mall...

Flat shoes (P125.00)

This korean flats are on sale at 50% off from the P300.00 price, when you get 1 pair you'll pay P150.00 but if you get 2 pairs, you'll pay P 250.00 only. My officemates and I bought 1 pair each and we combined it to get the discount that makes it P125.00 per pair. Kaya dapat may kasama kayo na bibili din to get big discounts... hehe

Flats upclose. Since the price of the flats is too cheap. Dont expect this to last for years. Siguro mga 2 to 3 months lang ang itatagal.. hehe

Red Shoes (P230.00)

Its P250.00 actually, we just haggled the price kaya P230.00 lang. I was lucky also because i got the red one and the last pair in my size. My officemate bought the white one with the print design. Its also nice..

I dont know if its chinese or korean. What we like with this shoes is its like combination of TOMS and Suelas. Very soft and comfy and you can fold it too. Perfect for travelling. At first out of stock na kaya nanghinayang pa kami but when we saw this shoes in one of the stall, halos sumigaw pa kami sa tuwa kasi ang ganda nya talaga in person. Di mo nga aakalain na P230.00 lang sya... Hubby also liked it. Di ko lang sure if meron for men.

Dress for kids (2pcs for P160.00)

This is what i bought for my daughter. Dress for pambahay... Very cheap at its price.. Fabric is cotton so i think its good..

Hello Kitty Fork and Spoon P100.00

One of my officemate bought Hello Kitty luggage in one of the stall. I saw this and its sale also. From P100.00 each, i got it at P50.00 each. Ayen also bought this for her niece. I told them na baka kumain si tami ng rice pag nakita nya yung Hello Kitty Spoon and fork.

Jeans P380.00

This is not sale but still cheap at P380.00 right?

PSP pouch P40.00

I just saw this psp pouch and i thought that it will be useful for Tami kasi lagi nyang nababagsak yung PSP. She's also delighted to see this pouch...

Puka coin purse P20.00

Im looking for a new coin purse and i like it the first time i saw this. P20.00 only.. hehe

Would you believe that all my loots is less than PhP 1,500?

All of us got fab items... Wala lang akong nabili for my hubby kasi di ko type yung mga shorts. I wanna go back there and shop again :)

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