Mar 13, 2011

Picky-eater Tami..

When the yaya and my daughter arrived from my in-laws house. The yaya told me that Tami didnt eat rice and ulam in my inlaws house. This is one of our problem, our daughter hardly eats rice and ulam pero try to give her 1 plate of Pasta or 2 slice of pizza, ubos nya yan!

I dont know what to do or what to give to her. If hubby dont eat fish and veggies, Tami dont eat rice, kailangan sapilitan pa, example i prepare food for her, say isang platitong rice and ulam (mga 5 spoonsful), hindi nya pa mauubos yun or it will take 2 hours bago maubos yun, ganung katagal...

That saturday afternoon, i bring Tami to Jollibee just to eat Spaghetti.

I tried the Sprite-Watermelon float. Love the taste!

After we ate, we headed to Grocery and bought some snacks. I also aked Tami what baon she want in her school. When we do grocery, i let her get her baon for the whole week.

The yan-yan snack was her new choice, nagsawa na siguro sa Oreo cookies. The Dutch Mill Yogurt milk was her always baon. I dont want her to drink Tetra pack juices because i heard that its not good for the kids.

She also get this pack because of the ice-drop maker.

Tha pack contains 2 big tetra pack of Chuckie Chocolate milk and the ice-drop maker.

After cleansing the icedrop maker, i taught tami how to refill it so she can do it by herself.

Ready to freeze the chocolate milk.

Any suggestions on how Tami will eat rice? I tried Appebon vitamins but her pedia said that vitamins for appetite is not good if it continues because the suggested time is up to 3 months only.


  1. hi mommy cindz! i chanced upon your blog through mommy nani and I enjoy reading it. btw, you can try Propan TLC for Tami, been using it as appetite enhancer for my toddler who's also a picky eater then and so far effective naman.

    God Bless your fab family!:)

  2. Hi Sapphire Mommy, thanks for the suggestion. Will try that for my daughter. Thanks also for visiting my blog. Im happy that with this blog, i can interact with some mommies... Will visit your site too..