Mar 21, 2011

Merienda @ SM Center Foodcourt


We went to SM Center for our merienda. Were thinking where to eat there since lahat na yata ng resto or food chain dun nakainan na namin... After Tami played in Tom's World, she requested to have fries so we went to Potato Corner kiosk.

Potato Corner Kiosk is now offering Italian Parmesan ang chocolate..

Everytime we do grocery, we always drop here for Tami's fries, she can consumed the Mega tub fries.... Her favorite flavor is Sour Cream.

Here they are waiting for their order. Mega Tub costs P95.00 only...

Since we dont know where to have merienda, we headed to 2nd floor and ended up in SM Foodcourt.

Tami seriously eating her fries...

We sit down first and choose what to eat. What i like with the SM foodcourt, there are lots of choices and one of my fave here is Pao-Tsin and Goto King.

After a couple of minutes, we have decided to order this:

Rice Shawarma P65.00

Hubby chose this because he heard from his friends that its good and tasteful. This is like Rice with toppings with additional Mayo on top. When hubby got his order and after nyang haluin yung food, at first mandidiri ka promise but when he tasted it, he said that its good and yummy..

Pancit Malabon P65.00

This is my merienda. Pancit Malabon. Para lang akong kumain ng Pancit Malabon na luto ng lola ko.. Masarap din sya... Mura pa at P65.00 only...

Na-try nyo na rin ba to?

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