Mar 17, 2011

Goto King's Congee

Lugaw (Congee) or Goto (Congee with tripe) known to be one of the Filipino Breakfast...

I always loved eating lugaw and tokwa since i was kid, to some they say that lugaw are for the sick people only but i dont believe that because our lola always cooked special lugaw for our breakfast or merienda aside from champorado.. (i miss my lola's champorado). Why special? Because she has secret recipe in her lugaw, she put lots of utak ng baboy (pig's brain) in it, its really yummy... no one beats the taste of my lola's lugaw..

When i transferred here in Las Pinas during my 2nd year college days, i always crave for lugaw and tokwa, when hubby and i became couple, he introduced to me the lugawan that  can be found in BF Resort (meron palang lugawan sa village namen that time) kasi naman kubo lang yung kainan and bihira naman akong lumabas ng house that time. sorry nman!... Anyway, the lugawan in BF became our merienda place at least twice a week...

Now that im working, gusto ko pa rin ng lugaw and tokwa, now na wala na yung lugawan sa BF, sa Goto King na ko napunta, dinadayo ko pa ang Goto King sa SM makakain lang....

My lugaw and tokwa..

Syempre medyo sosi na tong lugawan kaya medyo pricey na sya.. its also good with condiments like lots of fried garlic dba?

I love the lumpia in Goto King

I love eating in Goto King.. Kahit ako lang mag-isa keri lang makakain lang ng lugaw... hehe

Do you like congee also?

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