Mar 20, 2011

Tami's Recognition (Raves & Rant)

Yesterday morning (Saturday). We attended our daughter's recognition because she is one of the Outstanding students in Kinder 1. I noticed in the invitation that they don't have the 1st honor, 2nd honor etc... I asked one of the mommy who sat beside me during the recognition whose hands on with her kids and she's the one who goes with her kids to school unlike with my daughter, her yaya is the one who accompany her because hubby and i both have work. And the mommy knew about it. She told me that for the Kinder 1 and 2, they call it Outstanding Pupils rather than 1st to 5th honor. But with the Prep, they had it because they have graduation rites. Huh? Whats the difference?

When the kids enter elementary years, thats when they have 1st to 5th honor to recognize the childs skills. Anyway, were still happy that they recognize my daughter as one of the Outstanding Pupils.

I posted here weeks ago that they required us to pay P500.00 for the recognition and that includes:

1 pc. Picture of pupil marching with parents
1 pc. Picture of student receiving award
group picture (outstanding students)
corsage, boutonnieres, invitation, decoration & accomodation?

Of all these, only the marked one are the only things that i saw and im just wondering that why do they charge the expense of the decoration, invitation and others to the parents of the pupils? And not only that, Recognition and Graduation rites of the Prep happens at the same day. Kaya ang mga kids (kinder 1 and 2 awardees) are really bored that time.  They cant help but to loiter around.

Sana baguhin nila ang schedule ng Recognition and Graduation, to think na sa dami ng pre-school and if they collect P500.00 each, cguro nman it will not cost them big time sa decoration ng place.

In fairness, maganda ang medal na binibigay nila. Eto lang ang nagustuhan ko yesterday.

I made the right decision to transfer Tami to Divine Light because with the quality of education that i saw with Camella, they not worth of the high tuition fees.

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