Mar 19, 2011

Cosmopolitan: What's in my Bag?

Our training ended yesterday! Yey! Back to normal work... I now have more time to blog... And its saturday, nothing to do and now i decided to blog Cosmopolitan's "What's in my Bag?" my version.. hehe

I am a fan of Cosmo's What's in my Bag Page. I always visit their site to check whats new and take a peak with our local artists beauty loots, oh and the bags! I love it!!! And i must admit that im a hoarder but organized person. I love posts like these! It’s so interesting to see what other people are carrying around and sometimes it gives you an idea what you should need to try, for example on makeup, some people has reviews on their post and for that you will know if its worth buying or not.

To start with. I will show my favorite office bag. I change it everytime im in the mood to use my other bags and depends on what im wearing.

GAP Bag  
I always loved this Bag, kaya nga the last time i did garage sale, hindi ko sya binenta..

Below is my daily essentials:

Because i feel im an OC person, i make sure that i take note all our expenses to keep track of it, our payables and some other things to do.. Its very important to me kasi sobrang makakalimutin ako (some other say because of the anesthesia when i gave birth to my Baby kaya naging makakalimutin ako)

Kate Spade Wallet
Everyone needs wallet to keep the bills.. In my case, puro cards and receipts lang ang nakalagay jan...hehe.. I use my coin purse for my money.. Ewan ko ba sa sarili ko bakit pag may nagustuhan ako bili agad kaya i end up not using the things i bought, nakatambak lang.

Cellphones and headset
I told you before that im not a gadget person. Basta may text and call lang keri na...What i love the most in my fones is in my Nokia, i have radio that i can use when going to work, i love listening to Goodtimes with Mo in the morning and with my Samsung, ayaw ko syang mawala because it has flashlight and its very important nowadays because of brownouts dba? Saka kiber ko ba kung pangit fone ko. Celfones are not investment because every month it depreciates.. Will talk investment on my next post.

I love the scent of this Benetton Inferno, thanks to my officemate for introducing this scent to me. Cheap pa!


Contents of my toiletries:

Toothbrush and toothpaste
Black Beauty Hair cuticle - for my bad hair days...hehe
Hygienix Sanitizer - i love the smell of this sanitizer, you can bought this at any 7-11 stores..
Bath and Body Works Hand Lotion
The Faceshop Sunblock for Face - i can attest to this product that its really good in the skin.
Sanitary Napkin in the Blue Napkin Wallet

Kikay Kit
See here the contents of my kikay kit..

ID, Pens and Calculator

If im meeting with client, i have to use my big bags so i can carry my portfolios... I just transfer some of my daily essentials from my office bag to big bag. Here it is:

Kenneth Cole Reaction Bag

Havaianas bag

And the contents:

My portfolios and some flyers..

Calculator, pens, markers and notebook

I now realized that i forgot to take picture of my coin purse and umbrella....Basta its also one of my daily essentials..

To end this post, ill show my bag rack:
Im thinking of mini garage sale when its time to transfer to our new house to dispense some of my things.

What do you think?

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