Mar 31, 2011

158 Designers blvd, Terranova & Folded and Hung

After my agenda in Philippine Prudential Life Insurance, i go around Southmall, inquire cake in Goldilocks, went to 2nd floor to see what outfit that is nice for Tami on her 5th birthday. Then go down again and roam. This is what i've found:

Terranova outlet.

Nakakatuwa naman ang Southmall because they now cater upscale outlets and this Terranova outlet is big, i think the size is equal to 2 outlets there.

And the 158 Designers blvd is now open!

I go inside to look if they are the same with outlet in Alabang. I talked to one of the attendant and ask why they dont have Bags, she said that this branch caters more footwear and less apparel.. Its so sad that the outlet is big but konti lang ang brands, I only saw A/X, RL, Superga and Oka b. (maybe hindi pa tapos mag-arrange ng stocks kaya yun pa lang). ATC branch is more on Apparel and Bags kaya mas maganda dun.. Sayang naman...

Oka b. in 158 Designers Blvd is on sale. Oka b. is nice footwear also..

After meeting hubby in the middle, we went to Folded and Hung to buy his shirts again. He love Folded and Hung now. Every week n lang yata napunta kami dun.

Its me while waiting for hubby.. Actually gusto ko din yung Folded and Hung, see my pic? My green polo shirt is from Folded and Hung, Pedal shorts from Old Navy and sandals from Zara women.

hehe. Taken at the Fitting room of the Folded and Hung. Pinapakita pa kasi sken ni hubby yung sinusukat nya kung tama lang ba ang size sa knya or kung maganda ba or hindi..

And this is what he bought. Pink again!

We love Folded and Hung because of the fabric. Do you shop in Folded and Hung?

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