Mar 5, 2011

Cebu again!

Ooooppppsss.... Its not me but my brother and other cousins together with my Lola.. This is super duper late post, hehe.. But i know that its better late than never, right?

Before 2010 ends,  they all went to Cebu, we were not able to join kasi we have work that time and matagal sila dun.

Bro, Lola Dely, my Lola and Tta Emma

And who says that my Lola is not Fashionista? Look nman to what she's wearing - Coach Bag and Fitflop! Panalo ka Grandma!

During their tour - at the Chinese Temple...

San to Bro? Ilang beses na kong nagpunta sa Cebu bat parang wala akong nakitang ganyan?

With my other cousins in the hotel... goofing around..

At the Ayala Center

Syempre they will not forget our pasalubong and my brother bought all these for us.

Ang sarap nito promise!

Sawa na ko d2..

According to Bro, they went to 7D factory to buy 7D products. Everytime i go to Cebu, i also go to the Factory because they have shop outside and they selling it cheaper than the mall. More products to choose, from candies to mango puree..

Dried Mangoes


What about you? Whats your favorite pasalubong from Cebu?

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