Mar 20, 2011

Karate Kid Restaurant - Japanese Fast food @ SM Southmall

When hubby and i were in Southmall yesterday, we look for restaurant that we've never tried before and we chose Karate Kid because we missed eating in Tokyo-Tokyo (meron pa ba non?). Karate Kid opens in Southmall months ago but it was our first time to eat there.

The restaurant's facade..

Hubby settled to our seats while im placing our order. I asked him to take some pics for my blog and one of the shot that he made was this counter. The employees were organized and they know what to do, everyone of them has an assigned task,, hindi sila magulo unlike sa ibang resto na ang gulo ng servers.

Next picture taken was the place itself. Sabi ni hubby "Mukang masarap d2 kasi maraming nakain".. And its true. Masarap nga yung food pwera lang yung potato balls... hehe 

At table Number 8...

While waiting for our orders, ako naman ang nag-picture...

Here is hubby. Did i told you that he is sick? He has fever and colds for 2 days already but he still manage to go with me...

One more shot of hubby. Look naman at his eyes, obvious na maysakit. Pumasok pa yan sa work.

At gumanti ang loko, he took this pic while i make-face.. (oh wag ka na mag-react alam ko panget ako!) *peace*

Our orders:

Citrus Green Tea

its like Red Tea from Tokyo-Tokyo but with the lemon taste.. I love it more...

Kido Punch Tea

Hubby dont like it... Pero naubos pa rin nya.

Beef Teriyaki   

My order. I told hubby that i dont like to eat rice but he wants to try this kaya its one of our orders. In the end, i was the one who consumed it all. I love the teriyaki sauce in it.

Potato Balls

Hubby tried it and he was dismayed because of the Potato balls fill.  He like the Potato balls in Tokyo-Tokyo more because its real potato inside. In Karate Kid, its like bread or something deep-fried to oil.

I also tried it and i dont like it also... Nakaka-umay..

Classic Burger Combo P99.00

Its hubby's order. Since we dont know what's best here. He just choose from the menu board. Mukang hindi naman sya nagkamali ng order kasi he liked it. True to the slogan of serving the food in fresh, and the veggies are really fresh.

I also ordered Takoyaki because i love it and i missed eating that. Nagtataka si hubby why i didn't order Makis. Haler naman! ang bigat kaya sa tyan nung mga inorder ko... Im on diet remember? hehe

Its true! Masarap nga ang food in Karate Kid even if its not-so-Japanese. Definitely we will go back and we want to try their crepes and their sushis.. And price are very reasonable, did you know that all our orders cost less than P350.00. Sobrang mura dba?


  1. hello,im from las piñas din ask ko lang kung anong name nung yellow dip ng potato balls,gagayahin ko sana kaso di ko alam yung name tnx

  2. tartar sauce po tawag dun.. pero confidential yung timpla nia.

  3. Looks like Karate Kid has good things to offer, I might try it myself... By the way, are all your blogs like this? You should have someone proofread your entries, you have several grammatical mistakes.

  4. Hi anonymous. Thanks for visiting my blog. Just an FYI, i made this blog to practice my english grammar and to update my family abroad of what's happening with our life. Anyway, thank you for your concern. And please next time you comment, please dont hide your identity under anonymous because i want to thank you for giving my blog a part of your time :)

  5. On Sept 15, 2014, my mom and I went malling at Robinsons Metroeast. We were already starving when we saw Karate Kid. With us both being a fan of Japanese food, we decided to eat there for early dinner. There were only 3 tables occupied by that time, I wondered why. I ordered Beef Teriyaki Bento, (comprised of Beef Teriyaki, Yakisoba, 2pcs gyoza and red iced tea), while mom ordered "Creamy" Fishdon with rice (which was really dry, I cant figure out where they got that "creamy" word). Plus we ordered 8pcs California Maki.

    The "Creamy" Fishdon was served first, and we were a bit disappointed with how it looks as it was really dry. Not appetizing at all. Then comes the California Maki. Since my Beef Teriyaki order hasn't arrived yet, and me being hungry, I ate 1pc of the Maki first. I tasted that there's something wrong with it, like it was already spoiled. But I didn't mind it and I thought it could just be the mayo on top. So I just swallowed it fast. And as I said earlier, I was really starving, so i had another piece. Same thing, and I swallowed it fast again.

    Mom, (being a fan of California Maki in any Japanese restau) took 1pc as well. And without even finishing that piece, she told me that it is already spoiled. Panis. Sira.

    That confirmed my initial taste for what I ate and I just want to throw up!

    Then my Beef Teriyaki arrived. I told the server that the Maki is already spoiled. He took the plate inside their kitchen. And when he came out he was asking me to just order another in the menu. I told him to call the manager because I don't want to order another and just want the Maki to be refunded.
    The supervisor came out, my mom apologized to him for the inconvenience of refunding. And so, being very cool about it, he did the refund, then just placed the money on the table and went back inside.

    Yes. Without ANY apologies.

    I got really pissed off. I asked the server to call him again. When he came out, thats when I asked him why I never heard even a single apology from him and it was even my mom who said sorry when I asked for the refund of the Maki. Then he finally apologized and said that he went inside to check on the Maki that was served blah blah blah. I told him that being a supervisor he should know how to handle such situations.

    I asked him what happened to the Maki, he said that it could be the mango being spoiled. But we told him its the rice that's spoiled. Nevertheless, be it the rice or mango or whatever they can blame it on, they still shouldn't be serving ANY food below quality.

    I asked him to have everything refunded as I didn't want to take risk in eating their food anymore. By the way, mom tried to have a taste of the gyoza from the Bento meal I ordered and she said that it tasted a bit foul also... tsk tsk..

    I asked him to call the manager since he is just a supevisor. When the lady manager came out, I asked her if she knows whats happening and she said Yes. I told her that since she already knew, why didnt she even come out to face me, knowing that theres already such incident. She said that she is controlling the production inside and having a taste test for all the Maki. I told her that being a manager, and having such a commotion, she should've came out and be responsible for what happened. I told them that if only I got an apology at first, we wouldn't arrive to that point. Yes, only apologies, I even told them that I never wanted any complimentary from them. That also answered my question in mind why there are lots of vacant tables everytime I passby their "eatery".

    I asked them to put their names at the back of the receipt as well as their company's email address. She took mine as well and asked her to keep me in the loop as I want to see how they will respond on this and the actions they will be taking.

    Yup.. it's Karate Kid Robinsons Metroeast branch.

    And I think it would take some time before I eat Maki again. (Trauma)