Mar 29, 2011

Mix & Match..

I posted last Sunday that we go to Binondo and Divisoria and we shop some loots (see the post here). Anyway i want to show the mix and matching of clothes. Well, im not that good in fashion but sometimes sa ganda ng damit, nadadala na ha... hehe

Solo Pic

Blouse - Burberry (Expensive)
Bag - Lacoste (Expensive)
Jacket - from Greenbelt 1 (Not-so-expensive)
Jeans - from 168 mall (Really not expensive)
Shoes - also from 168 mall (Really not expensive)

See what i mean? No need to buy all expensive things to look good. Just mix and match things is enough. Who would have thought that my shoes are from 168 mall only? Even my boss (Gary) asked me where i bought my shoes because he said that its really nice and he plan of buying one for his girlfriend. Ayaw pa maniwala!

Group pic
(sorry guys nilagay ko yung pic nten.. dont worry tinakpan ko nman mga face eh! hehe)

Ayen (middle) also wears the loots from 168 mall (shoes, blazer and shirt)
Chucky (right) Jeans and shoes are from 168 mall also..

Galing no? Hindi obvious na mumurahin lang yung mga suot nmen...hehe

Hay naku, love ko na talaga ang 168 mall. Guys, we should go there once a month and buy stuff.

Cuz kit and kat, do you like our shoes? If yes, i will buy some and will send it to you pag may pupunta jan. Just let me know your sizes. Fab yung shoes and luper lambot when you see it in person.

Fashion for Less it is!

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